Liverpool, UK.

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In today's information age, being short and snappy when conveying who you are, and what you do, is key to success. Your unique character is what distinguishes you from the crowd; it's what compels customers to choose you over your competitors, and it's how you share your  story with the world.

I can help you to craft your character and sell your story. I offer a wide range of copywriting services for both print and online. From writing website copy to blogs, features, articles and promotional marketing copy, I create compelling and concise copy, which really speaks to your audience.

I've written copy for various websites, including: Wordscapes, Miza Tavares, The Mystery Literary Festival, EasirentThe Sheds at Pacific Road, and more, through my work with Wordscapes. You'll find me blogging regularly for Wordscapes and Go Green Leasing.

I have also worked on a number of crowdfunding campaigns: crafting the story, planning the campaign timeline, and then creating social media and press campaigns, throughout the duration of the crowdfunder.